Srimati Radharani’s Lotus Feet Auspicious Marks Meaning

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The total Auspicious Marks on both the Lotus Feet of Shrimati Radha = 19

01. cchatra – Umbrella
02. ari – Disc
03. dhvaja – Flag
04. valli – Flowery Twig (Creeper)

05. puṣpa – Flower
06. valayan – Jewelled Bangle
07. padma – Lotus
08. urdhva-rekha – Upward line
09. ankusham – Elephant Goad
10. ardhendu – Half Moon
11. yavaṁ – Barleycorn
12. śaktiṁ – Spear
13. gadaṁ – Club
14. syandanam – Chariot
15. vedi – Sacrificial Altar
16. kuṇḍala – Earrings

17. matsya – Fish
18. parvata – Mountain
19. daraṁ – Conch

Meaning of the Auspicious Marks:

UMBRELLA (catra) – This mark proves that those who take shelter of Sri Radha’s feet are shielded from the incessant rainfall of material miseries. It also denotes that those who sit in the shade of Her feet become exalted just like maharajas (great kings), who usually have umbrellas held over their heads.

HALFMOON (ardha-candra) – This mark symbolizes how lotus feet truly provide the desired objectives of the devotees. It signifies that even devatas like Lord Siva (whose symbol is a half moon) have decorated their own heads with the soles of the feet. It also shows that devotees who likewise decorate their own head with the feet can become exalted like Lord Siva. Just as the moon showers nectar with its cooling rays, similarly the lotus feet shower nectar upon the devotees, extinguishing the threefold material miseries. So that the minds of the devotees may reside at the feet, they bear the symbol of the moon (which is the devata or presiding deity of the mind) upon the feet. Just as the moon is one, yet it destroys the darkness seen by many people simultaneously, similarly the Lord is one and yet by His cleverness can deliver many souls at the same time. The half-moon also indicates that since Lord’s toenails appear like ten splendorously full moons, the real moon has shriveled up in shame and appears in half-form.

FISH (matsya)

This mark shows that just as a fish cannot live without water, similarly the surrendered devotees cannot live a moment without directly associating with the feet. It also shows that all the most cherished desires and longings of those who resort to lotus feet will be truly fulfilled. It also means that the mind is very fickle, just like a fish who wavers this way and that, and so only after much meditation do the feet finally come into the heart. It also indicates that lotus feet will come to live in one’s heart only if the heart has been liquefied by soft loving emotions; the feet do not thrive where it is dry.

CONCH (sankha) – This auspicious mark indicates that those who take shelter of the lotus feet are always rescued from all sorts of distress. Just as during the arati ceremony the conchshell is used to hold water that is offered directly after the fire of the ghee-lamp, similarly lotus feet hold transcendental water that soothes His devotees from the blazing fire of material miseries. Also this symbol proclaims ultimate victory for the devotees, since the conchshell mark on the feet contains the entire ocean of material existence that may now be easily crossed. This mark also shows that those who resort to lotus feet become completely fearless.

DISK (cakra) – This mark cuts down the six enemies of the devotees – lust, anger, greed, illusion, envy and bewilderment. It indicates teja-tattva, or the principle of brilliance by which Lord destroys the darkness of sins from within His devotee’s hearts.

GOAD (ankusa) – This mark indicates that meditation on lotus feet brings the elephants of the devotee’s minds under control and keeps them on the right path. It also shows that those who thus stay on the path toward the feet become superior among men, just as one riding on top of an elephant travels far above the rest.

FLAG (dhvaja) – This mark announces that for the devotees meditating on the feet, They give security and safe protection from all sorts of fear.

LOTUS (kamala)

This mark increases greed for nectar in the minds of the beelike devotees who meditate on lotus feet. The lotus also signifies that just as a lotus grows out of water, similarly those whose eyes swell with tears upon holding the Divine lotus feet to their heart receive the highest benefit. This mark also shows that the goddess of fortune, Sri Laksmi Devi always resides at His feet rendering humble service. It signifi es that His feet are so soft that they can only be compared to lotus petals; indeed upon first glancing at the lotus feet, you would think you are directly seeing fresh lotus blossoms. It also reveals that just as a lotus blooms by day and contracts by night, similarly those who remain steeped in meditation on lotus feet always feel the blossoming unfoldment of brilliant sattvika ecstasies that dispel the darkness of ignorance. It also means that the bee of the devotee’s mind cannot fly beyond the bondage of dry jnana (knowledge) and vairagya (renunciation) without the temptation offered by the superior nectar of the lotus feet.

FLOWER (puspa) – This mark shows that the divine fame of the feet spread everywhere just like the fragrance of a flower. It also shows that the feet are not hard, but soft as flower petals. And it means that just as every fruit comes into being after the plant blooms, similarly all spiritual fruits come into being after first blossoming at the soles of the feet.

CLUB (gada) – This mark is to show that lotus feet are capable of chastising the elephant of sinful lust. It further indicates that for whoever takes shelter of the feet, all their ancestors will also receive benefit.

ALTAR (vedi) – This mark proclaims that the sins of those who meditate upon the feet are burned up as if on the
altar of sacrifice. Furthermore, it indicates that just as the universe is nourished by the brahmanas offering fire-sacrifices, similarly those who offer their minds in sacrifice to the feet stimulate universal nourishment
that affects all of creation.

SPEAR (sakti) – This mark assures those who wish to have the miserable bonds of the mundane sphere cut, and who take shelter of Shri Radha, Her feet immediately appear to slash all entanglements and difficulties. It also indicates that She is saktimana or the natural possessor of all divine potencies, whereas Her servants are not endowed with separate, independent power but are completely dependent on Her.

CHARIOT (syandanam) – Chariot of the mind can be easily controlled by fixing it on Radhika’s lotus feet. The chariot of Krishna’s mind is carried away by the loving service of Srimati Radhika.

EARRINGS shows that Krishna’s ear always listens to the tinkling sound of Radha’s charming ankle bells, the melodious sound of Her voice, Her love poems and ragas of Her vina.

CREEPER (valli)- Shrimati Radhika is like a creeper wrapping around the tamal tree known as Krishna. Sincere devotees will hold on to Radha’s feet just as creeper firmly holds the tamal tree. It also shows how the desire creeper of the devotees continues to grow until it gradually takes shelter at Radha’s feet. It also indicates that Srimati Radhika feet wanders the many kunjas scattered throughout Vrindavana

UPCURVING LINE Upcurving line signifies that devotees who tightly cling like a lifeline to te lotus feet of Radha and Krishna, will be transported to Goloka Vrindavana.

BRACELET (valayan) signifies that Radhas feet are always present in Krishna’s hands when he is massaging them. Her maan – ulky mood, always acompanies Her as like the bracelets acompanies the hands.

BARLEYCORN appears at he base of Her big toe. It signifies that once one finds shelter at the lotus feet of Shrimati Radhika, then the devotee’s journey through many cycles of births and death is cut very short, jus like a grain of barley. Barley grains sustain life for living entities; similarly, the lotus feet of Radha Krishna are the nourishment for all souls.

MOUNTAIN Mountain indicates Govardhana.

vṛndāvaneśvari tavaiva padāravindaṁ

vṛndāvaneśvari tavaiva padāravindaṁ premāmṛtaika-makaranda-rasaugha-pūrṇam | hṛdy arpitaṁ madhupateḥ smara-tāpam ugraṁ nirvāpayat parama-śītalam āśrayāmi ||13||

Oh, queen of Vrindavan, I take shelter of your lotus feet which are filled with unlimited amounts of fragrant nectar, the ambrosia of exclusive love. When you place these superbly cooling feet on Krishna’s heart, the terrible flames of desire that torment him, are extinguished. (RRSN 13)

rasa-ghana-mohana-mūrtiṁ, vicitra-keli-mahotsavollasitam | rādhā-caraṇa-viloḍita-rucira-śikhaṇḍaṁ hariṁ vande ||201||

I offer reverence to Hari whose enchanting form of thickened rasa overflowing with joy in all kinds of play, whose beautiful crown rolls on Radha’s feet.

(from Sri Radha Rasa Suddha Nidhi by (Srila Prabhodananda Sarasvati/*Sri Hit Harivansh))

 Srimati Radharani has unlimited transcendental qualities

 Srimati Radharani has unlimited transcendental qualities, of which twenty-five are principal. These include: 1) She is very sweet. 2) She is always freshly youthful. 3) Her eyes are restless. 4) She smiles brightly. 5) She has beautiful, auspicious lines. 6) She makes Krishna happy with Her bodily aroma. 7) She is very expert in singing. 8) Her speech is charming. 9) She is very expert in joking and speaking pleasantly. 10) She is very humble and meek. 11) She is always full of mercy. 12) She is cunning. 13) She is expert in executing Her duties. 14) She is shy. 15) She is always respectful. 16) She is always calm. 17) She is always grave. 18) She is expert in enjoying life. 19) She is situated in the topmost level of ecstatic love. 20) She is the reservoir of loving affairs in Gokula. 21) She is the most famous of submissive devotees. 22) She is very affectionate to elderly people. 23) She is very submissive to the love of Her friends. 24) She is the chief gopi. 25) She always keeps Krishna under Her control. In short, She possesses unlimited transcendental qualities, just as Lord Krishna does. (Ujjvala-nilamaniSri-radha-prakarana 11-15)

Worshipping Srimati Radharani’s lotus feet

(from Sri Radha Rasa Suddha Nidhi by (Srila Prabhodananda Sarasvati/*Sri Hit Harivansh))

Dhani Dhani Radhika ke Charan

The lotusfeet of Sri Radhika are my only treasure

(from Sri Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi)

 alam visaya varta ya naraka koti bibhatsaya
 vrtha sruti kathasramo bata bibhemi kaivalyatah
 paresa bhajanon mada yadi sukadayah tatah kim
 parantu mama radhika pada rase mano majjatu

May my mind always float in the ocean of divine nectar emanating from the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani. No more fear of millions of hells. Studying of the scriptures has become simply troublesome. Merging into the brahman effulgence is terrible. The ecstatic symptoms of devotion to the Lord that are felt by the great devotees like Suka have lost their charms.

 upasya caranambuje vraja bhrtam kisori ganaih
 mahad bhirapi purusair apari bhavya rasotsave
 agadha rasa dhamani svapada Padma seva vidhau
 vidhehi madhuroj jvalam iva krtim mamadhisvari

O Radha!

You are my sole Ruler and only shelter. Countless gopis of Vraja swarm around Your lotus feet and worship them wholeheartedly. Your lotus feet are an inexhaustible fountainhead of the quintessence of universal love and are inconceivable to great saints. That is perhaps the reason why great devotees are striving with ever increasing courage and hope to catch the sweetness and beauty of the grace that flows from Your lotus feet. O Queen! Will You be pleased to show me the particular manner in which I should serve Your lotus feet?

 atisnehaduccair api ca hari namani grnatah
 tatha saugandhadyair bahubhi rupa carais ca yajatah
 paranandam vrndavana manu carantam ca dadhato
 mano me radhaya padamrdu lapadme nivasatu

Lotus chanting of the holy name of Lord Hari with love attracts my mind towards Sri Radha’s feet. This attraction becomes very strong as soon as the delicious ingredient of Sri Radha’s service is added to the chanting. Meditation on blissful Krsna as He roams about in Vrndavana has put me under the shade of the tender feet of kind Sri Radha.

 kamam tulikaya karena harinayalatka kairankita
 nanakeli vidagdha goparmani vrdai tatha vandita
 ya sanguptaya tatha upanisadam hrd yeva vidyo tate
 sa radha carana dvayi mama gatih lasyai kalilamayi

My only shelter is Sri Radhika’s lotus feet which I yearn to worship with love and devotion. These lotus feet of Srimati Radhika are painted by Krsna’s soft fingers with a feather dipped in the most fragrant red-colored juice. The gopis follow Krsna’s example and worship the same feet for the happiness of all living entities. These feet are glorified in the Upanisads, and are found in the depth of the hearts of pure devotees.

 vrndavanesari tavaiva padaravindam
 premamrtaika makaranda rasau gha purnam
 hrdyar apitam madhupate smaratapa mugram
 nirvapayat parama sitala ma srayami

O Vrndavanesvar! O Sri Radhe! I pray for the shelter of Your lotus feet. Your lotus feet are treasure house of nectar of divine love. Syamasundara keeps them safely and dearly in His heart. These feet are the supreme cooling remedy for the blazing fires of this material world.  

 yadi snehad radhe disasi ratilam payata padavi
 gatam me svaprestam tadapi mamnistham srunu yatha
 kataksai raloke smita saha carair jata pulakam
 sama aslisyamyuc cai atha ca rasaye tvatpadarasam

O dear Sri Radha! When out of sheer compassion, and moved by Krsna’s overwhelming love for You, will grant Him His prayers to message Your lotus feet? At that time, I shell look at the ecstatic smiling faces of both of You, and so encouraged I shall hug Your feet with my hands, and taste the nectar of Your lotus feet to my full satisfaction.  

 yasya aste bata kinkarisu bahusas catuni vrndatavi
 kandarpah kurute tavaiva kim api prepsuh prasadotsavam
 sadrananda ghananuraga lahari nisyanda padambuja
 dvandve sri vrsabhanu nandini sada vande tava sripadam

O Vrsabhanu-nandini!

I bow down to Your lotus feet with great awe and reverence, from which selfless love is ever pouring forth in abundance. In His ceaseless and tireless efforts to win Your grace, Sri Krsna, the God of love of Vrndavana and Supreme Almighty, always solicits the favors of Your servants with love and affection.  

 radhapada saroja bhaktim acalam udviksya niskaitavam
 pritah svam bhajatopi nibhaira maha premnadhikam sarva sah
 alingatyatha cumbati svavadanat tambulam asyer apayet
 kante svam vanamali kamapi mama nyasyet kada mohanah

I know, and it has been confirmed by all reliable authorities that Madana-Mohana Krsna would be so ecstatically delighted to see pure devotion unto Sri Radha’s lotus feet that he would descend from His worshipped throne to embrace, kiss, give His chewed betel nuts, and garland to Sri Radhika’s devotee. When shall I be blessed with such devotion, getting such treatment from Krsna as my reward for devotion to Radha’s lotus feet?

 sat premasindhu makaranda rasau gadhara
 sarana jasramabhitah sravada sritesu
 sri radhike tava kada caranaravindam
 govinda jivana dhanam sirasa vahami

O Radhika! When shall I enjoy the fortune of having my head used by You as Your footstool? Your feet, which are the life-treasure of Govinda, will then be a crown on my head. They will further bathe my head with a pure nectarine flood of love that always flows among Your devotees.

Srimati Radharani's Lotus Feet Auspicious Marks Meaning

ŚB 10.30.28

anayārādhito nūnaṁ
bhagavān harir īśvaraḥ
yan no vihāya govindaḥ
prīto yām anayad rahaḥ

Certainly this particular gopī has perfectly worshiped the all-powerful Personality of Godhead, Govinda, since He was so pleased with Her that He abandoned the rest of us and brought Her to a secluded place.

Śrīla Viśvanātha Cakravartī explains that the word ārādhitaḥ refers to Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī. He comments, “The sage Śukadeva Gosvāmī has tried with all endeavor to keep Her name hidden, but now it automatically shines forth from the moon of his mouth. That he has spoken Her name is indeed Her mercy, and thus the word ārādhitaḥ is like the rumbling of a kettledrum sounded to announce Her great good fortune.”

Although the gopīs spoke as if jealous of Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī, they were actually ecstatic to see that She had captured Śrī Kṛṣṇa.

Śrīla Viśvanātha Cakravartī quotes the following detailed description of Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī’s footprints, as given by Śrīla Rūpa Gosvāmī in his Śrī Ujjvala-nīlamaṇi: “At the base of the large toe of Her left foot is the mark of a barleycorn, below that mark is a disc, below the disc is an umbrella, and below the umbrella is a bracelet. A vertical line extends from the middle of Her foot to the juncture of Her large and second toes. At the base of the middle toe is a lotus, below that is a flag with a banner, and below the flag is a creeper, together with a flower. At the base of Her small toe is an elephant goad, and upon Her heel is a half-moon. Thus there are eleven marks on Her left foot.

“At the base of the large toe of Her right foot is a conchshell, and below that a spear. At the base of the small toe of Her right foot is a sacrificial altar, below that an earring, and below the earring a club. Along the base of the second, third, fourth and small toes is the mark of a mountain, below which is a chariot, and on the heel is a fish.

“Thus all together there are nineteen distinguishing marks on the soles of Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī’s lotus feet.”

The meanings of the characters are translated from books and articles, with some meanings created by me or imprinted in their own way.

When compiling the list and writing the article, I relied on:

Shri Shrimad Bhaktivedanta Vana Maharaj book “Madhu Smita Sri Radha”

Shrimad Bhagavatam 10 (2) book, writed by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Svami Prabhupadas disciples . 10.30.28 (462-463 pusl. 2016);

Book Jaiva Dharma by Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura (Translated from the Hindi Edition of Tridandisvami Šri Šrimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja) 681 page (2014 New Delhi, India)

Bhakti Purusottama Swami “Srimati Radharani” 2008 Kolkata CDC 63pusl.

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vṛndāvaneśvari tavaiva padāravindaṁ preyer translated by Jagadananda Das (from sanskrit);

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Srimati Radharani lotus feet (red as in the main photo)

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